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Advertising Services Real Estate When Facebook sells your ads, it can use them to target you more

When Facebook sells your ads, it can use them to target you more

Facebook has decided to sell your ads to its own ads platform, and it wants to do it more efficiently, according to a leaked internal email.

The company is looking to “increase visibility for our ads” and “lower the cost” of advertising.

Facebook says it’s not making any promises about exactly how it will use the data it gets from ads, but that it’s “going to use it as it sees fit,” according to the email, which was sent to employees on July 31.

The email comes from an internal internal team tasked with looking into the company’s ad buying strategy.

The ad buy, which the company announced in May, would be powered by a new ad-targeting algorithm that would use a data set Facebook acquired from rival Google to target ads to consumers.

The data will also be used to determine how to target the ads to their audience.

The aim is to reduce the cost of running ads in the digital space and improve how the ads are presented to consumers, according the email.

Facebook is also building out a “customers experience,” where the company can customize ads based on consumer needs and preferences, according its press release.

But how it’s going to use the advertising data it collects is unclear.

The new ads purchase is a big deal for the company, which recently announced it was buying ads from two ad-tech companies for $1 billion, and was looking to expand into other verticals.

“Facebook is the only platform on the internet that gives advertisers and publishers the ability to target and engage with their users on an individual basis, at scale, for billions of users and across a broad spectrum of audiences,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a statement.

“By building an advertising network that leverages billions of ads delivered each month across our entire ecosystem, Facebook can drive the next generation of online commerce and drive the evolution of how we interact with each other.”

Facebook’s decision to sell advertising to its advertising platform has caused some headaches for the ad industry.

For one thing, the ad-platforms ability to directly control how ads are displayed and interacted with on Facebook is a huge deal.

For another, Facebook’s ad buy isn’t just a cost-cutting measure.

It also helps Facebook build out its own digital marketing business.

Facebook isn’t the only one making big bets in the advertising space.

Earlier this month, Amazon paid $3 billion for Zendesk, an online marketplace for online marketplace merchants that sells ad space on its site.

Facebook, which bought ads from Zendesian and other online ad networks, also bought ad space in a number of other markets, including for NBCUniversal.

That’s not the only move Facebook has made to get into the advertising world.

Earlier in June, Facebook acquired AdMob, an ad network with over 100 million members.

AdMob was founded in 2014 by Facebook cofounder Eduardo Saverin, and has since grown into a top online ad platform.

Facebook recently announced that it was spending $200 million on its own ad buying business, a deal that includes its own marketing department.

That deal also includes a new partnership with a rival ad network, which is part of an effort to get its own audience to buy ads from the two companies.


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