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How to save a life in the NFL

A veteran of the NFL’s official football team is getting a free ride from his employer for a ride in an emergency.

Evan Smith, who played quarterback at the University of Tennessee from 1998 to 2000, says he was asked to take a ride by his employer to help him get back to work.

It was a Friday afternoon.

His boss told him he’d have to get up early to get to work that day, but Smith decided to take the ride.

He was driving along Highway 20 in Nashville when he noticed something strange.

Smith says he pulled over, and a white car pulled up beside him.

It was the same white car he’d seen in a photo on social media a week earlier, with the name of the company engraved on the window.

“They said, ‘You’ve got to take this free ride,'” Smith told ABC News.

Smith didn’t get in the car until later, when he was talking to his daughter on the phone.

When he got in, he was greeted by two women in business attire.

“I was shocked, shocked,” he said.

“It’s like I’ve been in a car accident, it’s really crazy.

I don’t know if I’m going to survive the night.

They were asking me, ‘Can I give you a ride home?'”

It was about 10:30 p.m. on Saturday when Smith’s employer called him.

Smith had worked for his employer since October, but this time was a special one.

“This is a really big deal, I don,t know what to say.

I was just really shocked.

I just wanted to get home and do what I could to help my friends,” Smith said.

Smith was not alone in his excitement.

The company was offering a free night’s lodging, a free meal and a free trip to a concert.

Smith has been a driver for about 10 years.

He said he had worked in restaurants and gas stations.

He says the free ride came as a surprise.

“It’s a little surprising.

I didn’t know how big the deal was,” Smith added.

“I thought maybe it was a one-time deal, maybe they’ll offer it again, but it’s just a really cool deal to have them do something for a little extra money.”

Smith, who had no criminal record, said he planned to get a ride back to Nashville to pay his bills.

He is now planning to file a lawsuit.


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