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How to manage your ads in Google’s ad services

The search giant is rolling out a new ad service that lets advertisers create and manage their own ads with ease.

The new AdOps service lets users manage the ads that appear on their sites and services, but Google says it’s just for users who want to start out with a “few clicks” instead of having to spend months working with a full-service ad service.

AdOps allows advertisers to target ads based on search queries and users’ location.

Ad Ops is designed to work with Google’s AdSense and Google Search advertising products, as well as third-party ad serving platforms such as AdBlock Plus.

Users can also configure AdOps to work against specific search queries, allowing advertisers to create a customized ad for a particular query and the ads to appear when the query is repeated.

While the service has been in beta testing for some time, it now has a “beta” version available to the public.

It’s not clear how long the beta version will be available for, or if Google will make it available to all users.

Google has been working on ad technology for years, with the company launching a “Google Adwords” service in 2008.

That service allowed users to manage their ads in their own homes.

But with the advent of AdOps, Google is giving its users a way to create and organize their own ad campaigns.

It’s one of the first time the company has offered a product like this.

Google said the AdOps ad service was developed for Google AdSense, a service that offers ad services that let users set up their own advertising campaigns.

The company said that users can use AdOps as a way of creating personalized ad campaigns for specific keywords.

Ads that target Google search queries appear as the top of the results page on Google Search, which can be viewed from a mobile device.

The ads are shown on top of other search results and in ads that target other websites, including search results on Facebook and Twitter.

AdWords allows users to purchase or subscribe to customized ads, which are displayed in the same way that search ads are displayed.

Advertisers can purchase AdOps for as little as $0.49 per month.

If you use Google’s Search app to create ads that will appear in Google search results, the company’s AdOps platform will automatically detect those ads and display them on top when users search.

Google’s website is also updated to provide links to AdOps ads for you to use.

The AdOps system will be open source, Google said.

Google also plans to release a separate ad tech called AdOptics to allow third-parties to build their own AdOps apps for use with Google Search.

AdOptics is expected to launch sometime this year, Google’s head of ad products said at the Google I/O conference earlier this month.


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