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Advertising Services Furniture ‘We were very angry’: Two Jewish teens say they were “very angry” at being refused entry to Israel

‘We were very angry’: Two Jewish teens say they were “very angry” at being refused entry to Israel

Two Jewish teenagers in Israel have told a court that they were forced to leave the country on the pretext of being asked for IDs and then forced to strip down and wear masks while they waited for buses to take them to their destination.

In an interview with the Jerusalem Post published on Monday, 18-year-old Rachel and 19-year old Adel told the court that the two Jewish teenagers were not told why they were being stopped from boarding buses and that their passports had been confiscated.

“I was very angry and upset,” Rachel told the Post, adding that the “reserves” were made up of men and women, but did not specify which men and which women.

“They were saying: ‘You’re Israeli, you’re not allowed to come to Israel.

Why don’t you take the ID card?'””

They had made me take the mask, and they said: ‘Get ready to strip and wear the mask.'”‘

We were not allowed’A judge at the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court ruled that Rachel and Adel were detained for a mere 15 minutes and then allowed to board a bus that took them to Tel Aviv.

“We were told by a guard that the purpose of the detention was to ask us for ID,” Rachel said.

“He said: I told you it was a security measure and we’ll take you to your destination.

I was very disappointed, but it was very important that we were not detained for more than 15 minutes.””

We had to wait for three hours and were forced into a small room where we were interrogated by the officers,” she said.

Rachel said that she and Adele were told that they would not be allowed to return to their home in the West Bank and that she would not have to wear the masks.

“When I asked why they took my mask off, the guard said: It’s just for identification purposes, you don’t have any other choice.”

“I said: If you have no ID, what is the point of taking it off?”‘

I had to be silent’When Adel refused to be handcuffed, the officers took her to another room and demanded to see her passport, Rachel told The Post.

“The other officers said: We will ask you for your ID.

I said: What do you mean by that?

They said: You have no identity.”

Rachel said she then told the officer that she was Jewish and that they could strip and remove the mask.

“Then the officer said: Why don`t you go back and say it again?

I said, I don’t want to leave Israel.”‘

No right to be here’The Israeli daily Haaretz reported that the pair were later escorted to another detention facility, where they were then denied access to their lawyers and allowed to leave.

“This detention is unlawful,” Adel said.

“I was forced to take my mask and put it on.

I could see the officers laughing at me.””

There was no right to my presence in this detention facility,” Rachel added.”

There were many times I had to sit in a dark corner with my hands in the air and I could not see or speak.””

The only thing that I could do was stand there for the entire duration of the time.”

The two women were reportedly interrogated for two hours before being taken to a holding cell.

“Once we were there, we were told: We’re going to be interrogated for another two hours.

And then they said we will be put on a bus to Tel-Aviv,” Rachel recalled.

“They didn’t explain to us why we were going to Tel Aviv, but the buses arrived.”

“It was a very humiliating situation,” Adele told Haaretz.

“It was humiliating for us, we felt humiliated.

There was no one there to listen to us.

It was the most degrading interrogation I’ve ever been through.”‘

I am scared of what will happen’Adel, who is currently studying in New York, said that they feared for their lives.

“It’s very hard to sleep at night,” Adela told Hairer.

“Even in the morning, there is a fear of what the next day will bring.”

“They said that we could be charged with spying, and that if we didn’t cooperate, we would be killed,” Rachel recounted.

“For me, I was scared, and I was afraid that we would get killed.

And that scared me.”

The Post has contacted the Israeli Ministry of Justice for comment.


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