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What to do when a Google ad is blocked

The ad blocker blocking tool addefy is shutting down its platform today, following months of complaints about the company’s policies.

Addefy was an advertising platform for developers and publishers that was created by Google in 2014 and was meant to enable publishers to monetize their websites with mobile ads.

The platform is still being used by more than 600,000 publishers and ad networks across the world, according to the company.

However, after months of criticism from publishers and tech companies, Google decided to stop supporting Addefy in August.

Google said it was concerned about the “significant negative impact” Addefys policies were having on its business.

Addes website currently only works with Google Chrome browsers, with Firefox being supported by Google for now.

Users of Firefox should use the Addes add-on to make their own adblocker settings.

In a statement to TechCrunch, Google said Addes API, the add-ons API that allows developers to create adblockers, was “currently disabled in all Google Chrome and Firefox browsers, and it will be removed in the coming weeks.”

It said the service would be “continuously updated and upgraded” and would be back up by the end of March.

The statement said it will also be “removed from addes website by the beginning of April.”

The statement went on to say that the company is working with Addes users to address issues with the service.

In addition to being a service that helps publishers monetize websites, Addes adblock app allowed users to manage and manage their own ads and add-ins.

The company said it plans to update the Addeys website to reflect its latest update, adding that users will also see an option to turn off adblock.

Users who are still on Addes can sign up to receive an email about the shutdown.


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