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How to get an ad blocker without Google’s Chrome plug-in

Some advertisers and publishers have been turning to a new plug-ins-only platform called, which is offering free ads to all users and a few sites with an adblock logo.

However, if you don’t like adblock, you may have trouble blocking ads in Google Chrome.

The new tool, adblock Chrome, is designed to help people who don’t want to download or install a plug-up that will block ads.

But some users have found the site a bit too intrusive.

They don’t have to be concerned about the plug-on being blocked by Google Chrome’s “AdBlock Plus” ad-blocker, or even Google’s own Chrome.

To get around that, users can opt-in to the AdBlock Plus ad-blocking plugin, which includes an ad-monitoring tool.

“You can opt in to it if you have an ad subscription,” said Mike Zagorski, director of ad blocking at

“It doesn’t get you into AdBlockPlus, but you can opt out.”

The ad-tracking tool can help you determine if the plug in is blocking your ads.

“Adblock Plus is a very simple tool that we’ve built for folks to opt-out,” he said.

Zagicleski added that Google Chrome is not blocking ad-streaming websites, which are where most of the ads in the world are viewed.

“So if you’re watching a lot of streaming video, you can still watch ads,” he explained.

Adblock Plus also allows users to opt out of some ad-serving plug-ups.

It’s not clear whether users who opt out will have access to any other ad-hosting services that will offer them free ads.

Zimring, who runs adblock with a team of software developers, said that he hopes the new plug in will help make the ad-supported experience better.

“I’m just looking forward to seeing what people do,” he told CBC News.

Zalmanovskaya said that AdblockPlus’s plug-out features are designed to be more user-friendly than the Google ad-shelter plug–in.

“The goal is to give users more control over their privacy, so they can manage their browsing with the tools they need,” she said.

“In a nutshell, Adblock does not collect any personally identifiable information from you, but does collect information about the site you are visiting and the amount of time you spend there.”

Zagorgski said that users can also opt-into the Google AdBlock app and the Adblock Chrome app, which provide a few more options for users.

“If you are using Google Chrome, you will get a browser extension that will allow you to opt in and out of Adblock,” he added.

Zigorgski noted that AdBlock has a few other features that are meant to make the experience better, including a new privacy setting, a more convenient search function and a more customizable privacy policy.

“All of that is available to you, so it is very easy to opt into those features,” Zagorzki said.

In the meantime, AdBlock’s creators say they plan to continue to add features that people want.

“We have been working for years on creating this plug-and-play experience,” Zimrinsky said.


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