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How I got a $250,000 job at the Daily Mail

Businesses are hiring people to manage their websites and to write content for their clients.

Many have an advertising arm as well, which has been called the digital army.

The Daily Mail has said it has hired more than 100 journalists and producers to manage its online presence.

It said it was looking for a new editor in chief.

Advertisers, too, are getting in on the digital gold rush.

The digital army is now paying for digital marketing services and ad tech firms are buying in.

The company is paying $1.4 billion in new advertising revenue for 2016, according to the latest numbers from the research firm eMarketer.

The business, which is valued at about $30 billion, employs about 500 people, according a person familiar with the matter.

The new hires are part of a wave of new hires at the newspaper, which will have 2,000 staff by the end of the year, according the person.

This includes more than 500 employees who are in their first full year of work.

The newspaper has hired about 600 people to oversee its online business, said the person, who was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

Advertising revenue at the Times is expected to rise by a quarter in the coming year to $15.2 billion from $14.4, according eMarketers.

That is well above the industry average of $10.6 billion.

The new hires have been hired at a rate of about two per month.

The newspaper’s new hires include editors and reporters who are not part of its traditional publishing staff, said Matthew Johnson, a media consultant who tracks media advertising.

That includes an advertising executive at the daily paper who recently left to help run his own company.

This is a new level of automation, said Johnson, who also advises tech companies on advertising strategies.

The automation also means the paper has to invest in digital tools to help it manage content, said Mark Greenberg, chief marketing officer at MediaMarkets, a research firm.

“That is going to make it a lot harder for it to run its business, and there is an expectation that this is going be part of the cost of doing business in the future,” he said.


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