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Advertising Services Real Estate Adwords ad network to join ‘Adsense 2.0’ – Yahoo! News

Adwords ad network to join ‘Adsense 2.0’ – Yahoo! News

By Jennifer Rizzo, Yahoo!

Finance, April 10, 2017 – Adwords advertising networks will be joining “Adsense” in a bid to increase revenues from online advertising and bring the platform to consumers, according to the company.

Adwords, a $20 billion-a-year ad network that is currently owned by Yahoo!, said on Thursday that it has agreed to join “AdSense 2.2”, a version of its Adwords service, which is aimed at adding “advertising services” to the ad network.

The “Ads 2.5” version will also include “Adwords” integration with “Advertising Platform,” a service that provides ad-serving tools for advertisers.

The new Adwords version will not be available until the end of April.

AdSense was launched in 2014 by Yahoo!

in the US.

It was purchased by Google in 2015 for $360 million.

Google has not said when it will launch the new version of Adwords.

AdWords is already a popular option for businesses, with more than 10 million advertisers using the platform, and there is no indication of any changes to the way in which the ad service is being integrated.

Advertisers are currently able to use Adwords to offer paid and free advertising to consumers.

They also use the Adwords platform to buy direct from advertisers.

This means they can set their own prices, add their own brands and add other elements, such as their own landing pages.

The ad network will be available on iOS, Android, desktop and Mac, and will include ads on YouTube, Google Play and Facebook, as well as on Yahoo!


“Advertisers will be able to make Adsense-specific purchases,” AdWords said in a statement.

The announcement comes as Yahoo!

reported that its US revenues rose 4% in the three months to April, while the number of paid users grew 14% in that period.

Advertisements are increasingly important to businesses, particularly in the world’s largest ad-tech market.

They have become a key revenue stream for online advertisers as well, with companies using AdWords to boost their online reach, drive traffic and drive revenue from search ads.

In the past, it was easier for businesses to integrate Adwords with their own business accounts, but it has become more difficult to do so in the past few years.


is looking to add more “advertising service” capabilities to AdWords, including the ability to add third-party content and advertising that can be added to the site, the company said.

The company will not reveal details of the integration plans for “Adventures”, a new feature that allows advertisers to advertise in a different category from their own sites.

“It will be a seamless experience, with an integrated interface and seamless integration between the two platforms,” Yahoo!

said in the statement.


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