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Why the Instagram ads are hurting Trump’s brand

When it comes to Trump, the social media giant has been one of his biggest fans.

The president-elect’s nearly 30 million followers have fueled his brand’s resurgence in the face of the global recession, and now it is looking to expand even further.

The latest batch of Instagram ads from Trump’s campaign, which started airing during the presidential debate, were among the most expensive ever paid for on the platform.

The ads were purchased for $1.5 million each, according to Politico.

But the ads have also made Trump look even more like the president than before.

Trump, who has often been critical of his rivals, used the ads to bash Hillary Clinton and accuse her of being a “corrupt puppet” for Democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders.

Instagram’s ads are designed to paint the candidate as a liar, a “snitch,” and a “liar” who has lied about a variety of things.

But as Politico reported, they were paid for out of a $1 million campaign contribution from the president-champion himself.

The ad campaign began in October 2016 and has already been used in 30 states.

“In our ads, Trump tells a story that is familiar to Americans who are struggling and scared,” Trump said in a statement at the time.

“It’s not the first time that Trump has portrayed himself as the most trustworthy, competent, and decent candidate for president.

But we are not afraid to tell the truth, because it is the only way we will get things done.”

Instagram, which was launched in 2013, said in its press release that the ads were a way to tell a “real story” and showcase “our new approach to the campaign.”

It was the first ad campaign to go directly to voters.

Trump has long been known as a political hack, and his supporters have long complained that the social network has not been very good at reaching out to voters and connecting them with specific information about their interests.

Trump himself, in fact, frequently criticized the platform, accusing it of being dominated by trolls and other “fake news” outlets.

And in the latest ads, the president was clearly unhappy with Instagram’s efforts.

“I know the people on Instagram have worked hard and the ads they’ve put out have been great, but I think we need to work on our own message,” Trump says in one of the ads.

“That’s why we need Instagram to get its act together and do a real story.”

In a statement, Instagram said it was “deeply disappointed” by the ads, which are part of a broader effort to “re-create the American dream for everyone.”

“We know there is more work to be done to help all Americans who have the opportunity to live and work in the digital economy,” the statement read.

“The ad campaign, created by our team, will highlight what Instagram has done to improve the experience for millions of people.

We look forward to a future where Instagram can work with us to create an open platform that allows everyone to make a real difference.”

Instagram has been criticized for using cheap tricks to try to reach voters.

It has long struggled with the issues of transparency and user control.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has been under fire from users for using advertising that violates the company’s terms of service, which state that users must post their ads in a “segregated area of the app.”

In May, Instagram had to issue a public apology after a campaign ad that promoted an event at the White House sparked protests and an online petition calling for the removal of the ad.

Instagram also has been plagued by legal problems.

Last year, it was hit with a class action lawsuit for using illegal tactics in an effort to make ads more likely to reach people.

The lawsuit alleged that the company failed to comply with federal antitrust laws by trying to influence its users’ political opinions, by “disparaging” competitors, and by not disclosing information about its products and services.

Facebook also faced criticism for not releasing its ad strategy.

In October, the company said it would take a broader approach to reaching people, including providing a more detailed and accessible guide for users about the campaign.

The campaign, meanwhile, has been embraced by Democrats who have said it will help elect Clinton in the November elections.

Trump is hoping that Instagram will do the same.

The company is the largest platform in the world, and the Trump team is hoping to use it to help get the president elected, according the Associated Press.


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