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Advertising Services Car The first real-time video ads are coming soon to the web: Wix

The first real-time video ads are coming soon to the web: Wix

Wix, the company that makes the popular website, said Tuesday that it has been adding new ad formats for the web for several years, including interactive video ads.

The company’s chief product officer, Kevin O’Brien, told reporters that in 2016, he “truly felt the Web was the future.”

He said the company is working with a range of ad companies to add new formats, including new video ads and traditional ads.

In the past, Wix has been able to add ads in new ways, like by embedding the video content in an ad, or using other technology to display a pop-up message on the page.

Wix will add new video and ad formats in 2018, he said.

“As a leader in media, we know how to create and deliver compelling video content that resonates with our audience,” O’Brian said.

“We’re always looking for new ways to deliver the best content to our audiences.”

Websites have been relying on advertising revenue to cover their costs for months, and advertisers are demanding better quality and more targeted advertising.

The advertising industry is in the midst of a recession that has cut into ad revenues, but some companies have responded by expanding their services to offer better advertising and better deals.

Wux is the largest web video ad provider, but its revenues have been on the decline.

Its revenues from video ads fell by 18% last year to $2.5 billion, according to research firm NPD Group.

Wax Media, a company that develops interactive video ad formats, said it was adding ad formats this year.

Ways to buy advertising in the new format include embedding content directly into ads, using custom ad units, or creating a custom ad with a customized visual design.

Wix will offer ads with customized graphics and sound effects, and the company says it plans to add a new set of video ad units.WIX says it will be the first major online ad provider to offer the new ad format.

It says it has also launched ad units for advertisers that offer different formats, such as in-app video ads or customized video ad-supported video ads, with ads that can be embedded into other ads.


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