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The latest news from around the world in 2019

The 2018 calendar is here and we’ve rounded up the most important dates to remember in 2019, as we mark the end of the year with the start of New Year’s Day.1.

November 1: The world’s largest mass gathering of people ever.

It’s also the biggest of the years and it’ll be huge.

Over a million people from around 130 countries will converge in Istanbul to celebrate their shared history.1/2.

November 4: The biggest public holiday of the new year, which means it’s the day we start thinking about the year ahead.

We’re going to celebrate, we’re going for a drink and we’re all going to get drunk.

That’s a lot of fun to do, so we’re starting to think about the next year. 


November 8: The day the world’s population hit a record high.

In 2019, the number of people around the planet exceeded 10 billion, breaking the previous record of 723 million set in 2020.

In a way, this year feels like we’ve surpassed it.

It’ll be the first time since 1947 that the number is more than a billion.1: November 10: The year when the US will be the biggest economy in the world. 

2: October 12: The first full day of Ramadan, when Muslims are required to fast from dawn to dusk.

Ramadan is celebrated on the last Friday of every month in the Muslim calendar.

This is also the first day of a new year and one of the first times we can officially start celebrating Christmas.1; October 19: The anniversary of the signing of the Paris Agreement on climate change, which ended a global climate crisis. 

3: September 27: The start of the Olympic Games. 

4: August 11: The beginning of World Youth Day, which marks the start the celebration of young people and their dreams.1:- The first official day of the 2020 Summer Olympics, which will see the worlds first female Olympic athlete, Gabby Douglas, take the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. 

: The most-watched sporting event in history. 

5: July 4: An election year, with politicians across the world calling for a new political direction and a new approach to the world stage. 

6: June 15: The US’s first-ever day of military service. 

7: May 16: The official end of World War II, as the US enters its second decade of the occupation of Afghanistan. 

8: April 1: A new year of peace, a new beginning, a renewed sense of purpose and a renewed hope for a better future for the world and for everyone in the greater community.1- The first day in the new century when the world celebrates the birthday of the planet. 

9: March 20: The World Day of Peace, a global day of mourning and celebration for those who died at the hands of violent extremists. 

10: January 1: An official start of Christmas, which brings together people of all faiths, from different countries and continents. 

11: December 1: America’s first Christmas in 50 years. 

12: Nov. 5: The largest single day in history, when millions of people in more than 200 countries gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. 

13: Sept. 24: The International Day of the Girl Child, a day when girls around the globe are encouraged to start their day by watching cartoons and learning about the world around them. 

14: Aug. 24. 

15: The inaugural day of Earth Day, a worldwide day dedicated to protecting and improving the quality of life for all life on Earth. 

16: Feb. 12: A rare year in which all nations participate in the UN’s Global Climate Change Conference in Paris. 

17: Jan. 7: The end of Christmas and New Year celebrations in the United Kingdom. 

18: Dec. 1: The first day a new president is sworn in in the US. 19: Oct. 6: It’s the last day of winter.

It is the longest of the winter months, and there are many people living under the snow and ice. 

20: Sep. 29: An official end to the Arctic winter.

The polar region is in a period of transition. 

21: Jul. 31: Japan officially marks the end to its “Golden Week” holiday, a time when visitors are encouraged not to buy anything for the week that is designated as “the Golden Week”. 

22: Jun. 30: Christmas Day in Japan, a traditional time when most people don’t celebrate Christmas. 

23: Apr. 1. 

The beginning of Nasa’s Centennial year, marking the anniversary of its founding. 

24: Mar. 28: Happy Halloween!

It’s the biggest day of year and everyone should


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